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The Quintessential Vocal Ensemble's longest running choir, established in 1993. Newly named, QVE is devoted to performing classic choral masterworks, a variety of a cappella genres, contemporary works, and new works from emerging NL/Canadian composers. QVE is one of Canada’s most accomplished amateur choirs.


Adrienne Fitzgerald

Allyson O'Brien

Alysa O'Keefe

Aria Shea

Cameron Bennett

David Brake

David Buley

Dianne Penney

Ginette O'Neill

Hayley Hynes

Ian Lunt


Jack Etchegary

Jan Buley

Janna Rosales

Jennifer Smith

Joshua Bath

Katie Thorne

Katie VanKoughnet

Kelly Batten Hender

Kristin Murphy

Lauren Strong

Lexie Worthman


Lindsay Ralph

Matthew O'Neill

Megan Moret

Melanie Lapierre

Michael Coffin

Michael Rosales

Molly Anne Smith

Nick Hender

Rick Perrier

Rob Pittman

Robyn Moffatt


Sam Primmer

Sara Broderick

Sarah Kattenbush

Sarah Mallay

Sarah O'Neill

Terry Goldie

Tristen Lee


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