The Quintessential Vocal Ensemble's longest running choir, established in 1993. Newly named, QVE Ventus is devoted to performing classic choral masterworks, a variety of a cappella genres, contemporary works, and new works from emerging NL/Canadian composers. Ventus is one of Canada’s most accomplished amateur choirs.



Claire Bates

Madison Curtis

Domenica Daley

Adrienne Fitzgerald

Emily Finch

Anna James

Ginette O’Neill

Aria Shea

Annalise Smith


Hannah Baker

Alison Clarke

Melissa Cooper

Adrienne Deering

Hayley Hynes

Robyn Moffatt

Jennifer Smith

Lauren Strong

Katie Thorne

Katie VanKoughnet

Krista Vincent


Cameron Bennett

Tristan C-T

Ben Diamond

Andrew Fitzgerald

Michael Hand

Tristen Lee

Rob Pittman

Rick Perrier

Adam Murphy


Jack Brennan

Patrick Butler

John Davis-Abraham

Jack Etchegary

Darrin Feehan

Dominic Greene

Nicholas Howlett

Nicolas Keough

Fraser McCurdy

Michael Rosales

Scott Schilereff

Evan Stirling