QVE Goes to School

October 6, 2016


The Quintessential Vocal Ensemble (QVE) is pleased to be taking its "QVE Goes to School" initiative to St. John Bosco School, Friday, October 7th.  For over two decades QVE has been sharing their music with school children all over our province as well as Canada and Europe.

This unique educational outreach initiative seeks to make choral music approachable to students and teachers in the St. John's area, as well as in other communities where exposure to choral music may be less accessible. 

As part of its mandate, QVE endeavours to encourage choral singing wherever possible by incorporating educational programs, particularly for youth, as well as demonstrating the accessibility of choral music. QVE members understand the powerful impact that choral singing can have on an individual's life from personal experience and they wish to transfer that enthusiasm to students throughout the province in the hopes that it will inspire a mutual love for choral music, keeping the tradition of choral singing alive and well in Newfoundland and Labrador.